Nicolo Melli scored 20 points in Pelicans’ win

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Aris Barkas

14/Jan/20 11:42

The Italian forward added one more game in his rookie season with New Orleans.

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The Pelicans beat the Detroit Pistons 117-110 with Italian forward Nicolo Melli being one of the standouts, as he scored a career-high 20 points for the winning side.

The Pistons are still missing starters Blake Griffin (knee), Luke Kennard (knee) and Reggie Jackson (back), while the Pelicans played without their top three scorers — Brandon Ingram (knee), Jrue Holiday (elbow) and JJ Redick (hamstring) — along with Derrick Favors (hamstring) and Zion Williamson (knee).

Ukrainian Svi Mykhailiuk and French Sekou Doumbouya were starters for the Pistons and scored 13 and 16 points respectively.

The Magic beat the Sacramento Kings 114-112, despite Serb Nemanja Bjelica setting career highs with 34 points and eight 3-pointers.

Montenegrin Nikola Vucevic had 26 points and 15 rebounds, and French guard Evan Fournier scored 25 points for the Magic.

The Portland Trail Blazers escaped with a 115-112 victory from Charlotte who got 14 points from Spaniard Willy Hernangomez.

Shai Gilgeous-Alexander had 20 points, a career-high 20 rebounds and 10 assists in his first triple-double, leading the Oklahoma City Thunder to a 117-104 victory over the Minnesota Timberwolves. Italian forward Danillo Gallinari added 30 points.

The Boston Celtics coasted to a 113-101 victory over the Chicago Bulls with Turkish big man Enes Kanter flirting with the double-double (15 p. 9 r.), the Pacers got the 101-95 win over the Philadelphia 76ers with Domantas Sabonis registering the double-double (16 p. 10 r.) and the Los Angeles Lakers had their ninth consecutive triumph with 128-99 over the Cavs.


1Milwaukee Bucks Wins35 Losses6 Win Percentage.854 Games Behind Conference Record20 and3 Division Record10 and0 Home Record18 and2 Away Record17 and4 Last Ten Recordand2 Win Streak 3Wins
2Boston Celtics Wins27 Losses11 Win Percentage.711 Games Behind6.5 Conference Record19 and7 Division Recordand5 Home Record16 and3 Away Record11 and8 Last Ten Recordand4 Win Streak 2Wins
3Miami Heat Wins27 Losses12 Win Percentage.692 Games Behind7.0 Conference Record19 and6 Division Recordand2 Home Record17 and1 Away Record10 and11 Last Ten Recordand4 Win Streak 2Losses
4Toronto Raptors Wins25 Losses14 Win Percentage.641 Games Behind9.0 Conference Record18 and7 Division Recordand3 Home Record14 and7 Away Record11 and7 Last Ten Recordand6 Win Streak 1Losses
5Indiana Pacers Wins25 Losses15 Win Percentage.625 Games Behind9.5 Conference Record18 and11 Division Recordand6 Home Record16 and5 Away Recordand10 Last Ten Recordand5 Win Streak 2Wins
6Philadelphia 76ers Wins25 Losses16 Win Percentage.610 Games Behind10.0 Conference Record17 and9 Division Recordand2 Home Record18 and2 Away Recordand14 Last Ten Recordand6 Win Streak 2Losses
7Orlando Magic Wins19 Losses21 Win Percentage.475 Games Behind15.5 Conference Record13 and11 Division Recordand2 Home Record13 and8 Away Recordand13 Last Ten Recordand4 Win Streak 1Wins
8Brooklyn Nets Wins18 Losses20 Win Percentage.474 Games Behind15.5 Conference Record12 and10 Division Recordand4 Home Record11 and8 Away Recordand12 Last Ten Recordand7 Win Streak 2Wins
9Charlotte Hornets Wins15 Losses28 Win Percentage.349 Games Behind21.0 Conference Record10 and16 Division Recordand3 Home Recordand13 Away Recordand15 Last Ten Recordand8 Win Streak 5Losses
10Chicago Bulls Wins14 Losses27 Win Percentage.341 Games Behind21.0 Conference Record10 and17 Division Recordand6 Home Recordand14 Away Recordand13 Last Ten Recordand8 Win Streak 1Losses
11Detroit Pistons Wins14 Losses27 Win Percentage.341 Games Behind21.0 Conference Record10 and20 Division Recordand8 Home Recordand13 Away Recordand14 Last Ten Recordand7 Win Streak 3Losses
12Washington Wizards Wins13 Losses26 Win Percentage.333 Games Behind21.0 Conference Recordand14 Division Recordand6 Home Recordand11 Away Recordand15 Last Ten Recordand6 Win Streak 1Losses
13Cleveland Cavaliers Wins12 Losses28 Win Percentage.300 Games Behind22.5 Conference Recordand22 Division Recordand6 Home Recordand14 Away Recordand14 Last Ten Recordand7 Win Streak 1Losses
14New York Knicks Wins11 Losses29 Win Percentage.275 Games Behind23.5 Conference Recordand18 Division Recordand8 Home Recordand13 Away Recordand16 Last Ten Recordand6 Win Streak 1Wins
15Atlanta Hawks Wins8 Losses32 Win Percentage.200 Games Behind26.5 Conference Recordand21 Division Recordand4 Home Recordand14 Away Recordand18 Last Ten Recordand8 Win Streak 4Losses


1Los Angeles Lakers Wins33 Losses7 Win Percentage.825 Games Behind Conference Record22 and4 Division Recordand2 Home Record16 and4 Away Record17 and3 Last Ten Recordand1 Win Streak 9Wins
2Denver Nuggets Wins27 Losses12 Win Percentage.692 Games Behind5.5 Conference Record16 and6 Division Recordand0 Home Record16 and5 Away Record11 and7 Last Ten Recordand4 Win Streak 1Wins
3Utah Jazz Wins27 Losses12 Win Percentage.692 Games Behind5.5 Conference Record15 and7 Division Recordand2 Home Record15 and3 Away Record12 and9 Last Ten Recordand1 Win Streak 9Wins
4Houston Rockets Wins26 Losses12 Win Percentage.684 Games Behind6.0 Conference Record15 and8 Division Recordand3 Home Record14 and4 Away Record12 and8 Last Ten Recordand3 Win Streak 1Wins
5LA Clippers Wins27 Losses13 Win Percentage.675 Games Behind6.0 Conference Record17 and10 Division Recordand1 Home Record17 and4 Away Record10 and9 Last Ten Recordand4 Win Streak 1Losses
6Dallas Mavericks Wins24 Losses15 Win Percentage.615 Games Behind8.5 Conference Record13 and8 Division Recordand0 Home Record12 and10 Away Record12 and5 Last Ten Recordand5 Win Streak 1Wins
7Oklahoma City Thunder Wins23 Losses17 Win Percentage.575 Games Behind10.0 Conference Record16 and12 Division Recordand4 Home Record13 and7 Away Record10 and10 Last Ten Recordand2 Win Streak 1Wins
8Memphis Grizzlies Wins18 Losses22 Win Percentage.450 Games Behind15.0 Conference Record13 and14 Division Recordand3 Home Record10 and12 Away Recordand10 Last Ten Recordand3 Win Streak 5Wins
9San Antonio Spurs Wins17 Losses21 Win Percentage.447 Games Behind15.0 Conference Recordand13 Division Recordand5 Home Record11 and9 Away Recordand12 Last Ten Recordand4 Win Streak 1Wins
10Portland Trail Blazers Wins17 Losses24 Win Percentage.415 Games Behind16.5 Conference Recordand16 Division Recordand5 Home Recordand10 Away Recordand14 Last Ten Recordand7 Win Streak 1Wins
11Phoenix Suns Wins16 Losses23 Win Percentage.410 Games Behind16.5 Conference Recordand19 Division Recordand6 Home Recordand14 Away Recordand9 Last Ten Recordand5 Win Streak 2Wins
12Minnesota Timberwolves Wins15 Losses24 Win Percentage.385 Games Behind17.5 Conference Recordand19 Division Recordand7 Home Recordand12 Away Recordand12 Last Ten Recordand5 Win Streak 2Losses
13Sacramento Kings Wins15 Losses25 Win Percentage.375 Games Behind18.0 Conference Record11 and14 Division Recordand4 Home Recordand12 Away Recordand13 Last Ten Recordand7 Win Streak 2Losses
14New Orleans Pelicans Wins15 Losses26 Win Percentage.366 Games Behind18.5 Conference Record10 and16 Division Recordand5 Home Recordand12 Away Recordand14 Last Ten Recordand3 Win Streak 1Wins
15Golden State Warriors Wins9 Losses32 Win Percentage.220 Games Behind24.5 Conference Recordand23 Division Recordand6 Home Recordand13 Away Recordand19 Last Ten Recordand8 Win Streak 8Losses