Kristaps Porzingis rising

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Antonis Stroggylakis

04/Feb/20 09:30

Kristaps Porzingis has gone full “Unicorn” again in the last couple of games.

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Kristaps Porzingis has his best game since his return from the ACL injury to lead the Dallas Mavericks back to wins. The Latvian big man scored a season-high 38 points on 10/20 shots and grabbed 12 rebounds as the Luka Doncic-less Mavericks beat the Indiana Pacers 112 – 103 on the road.

This performance came three days after Porzingis scored 35 in a 128 – 121 loss to the Houston Rockets.

Domantas Sabonis came one assist short of his third career triple-double by finishing with 26 points, 10 rebounds, and nine dimes. Porzingis wasn’t exactly happy with how the Lithuanian center played against him.

“I take a lot of pride in my defense and I feel like Sabonis made some good moves on me,” Porzingis said, per AP. “He got deep in the paint. I was a half-step late on a lot of those shots. I’m disappointed in that sense, but I’m glad we got the win.”

Maxi Kleber had five points and eight rebounds as a starter for the Mavericks.

Jonas Valanciunas posted a monster double-double of 26 points and 17 rebounds against Andre Drummond to lead the Memphis Grizzlies to a 96 – 82 win over the Detroit Pistons. Sekou Doumbouya faced a couple of struggles making a basket (six points, 2/15 shots) in the 26 minutes as a starter for Detroit.

In Sacramento, Bogdan Bogdanovic dropped 23 points on 4/5 3-pointers to help the Kings defeat the Minnesota Timberwolves 113 – 109. He also hit five key free throws in the last 70 seconds of the game.

Bogdanovic’s Serbian national team teammate Nemanja Bjelica added 12 points.

The Orlando Magic were coming off five defeats in a row in the match vs. the Charlotte Hornets. Enter Nikola Vucevic and his 22 points, seven rebounds and five assists that pushed his team to get a 112 – 100 win.

Evan Fournier contributed 17 points to Magic’s victory. Willy Hernangomez had eight points for Charlotte.

The Miami Heat crushed the Philadelphia 76ers 137 – 136 at home with Goran Dragic causing damage via points (24 points) and passing (six assists). Furkan Korkmaz scored 6 points for the Sixers.

The rest of Monday’s NBA results and Euro scorers:

Washington WizardsGolden State Warriors 117 – 125 (Davis Bertans 19 points, Moe Wagner 9 points)

Cleveland CavaliersNew York Knicks 134 – 139 (Cedi Osman 15 points, Frank Ntilikina 9 points)

Brooklyn NetsPhoenix Suns 119 – 97 (Timothe Luwawu-Cabarrot 13 points, Rodions Kurucs 5 points, Ricky Rubio 8 points)

Atlanta HawksBoston Celtics 115 – 123 (Daniel Theis 9 points, Enes Kanter 8 points)

Los Angeles ClippersSan Antonio Spurs 108 – 105 (Ivica Zubac 9 points, Jakob Poetl 4 points)

Standings (via


1Milwaukee Bucks Wins42 Losses7 Win Percentage.857 Games Behind Conference Record26 and3 Division Record11 and0 Home Record23 and3 Away Record19 and4 Last Ten Recordand1 Win Streak 1Wins
2Toronto Raptors Wins36 Losses14 Win Percentage.720 Games Behind6.5 Conference Record26 and7 Division Recordand3 Home Record18 and7 Away Record18 and7 Last Ten Record10 and0 Win Streak 11Wins
3Boston Celtics Wins34 Losses15 Win Percentage.694 Games Behind8.0 Conference Record23 and9 Division Recordand5 Home Record20 and5 Away Record14 and10 Last Ten Recordand3 Win Streak 4Wins
4Miami Heat Wins34 Losses15 Win Percentage.694 Games Behind8.0 Conference Record23 and7 Division Recordand2 Home Record22 and3 Away Record12 and12 Last Ten Recordand3 Win Streak 2Wins
5Indiana Pacers Wins31 Losses19 Win Percentage.620 Games Behind11.5 Conference Record19 and12 Division Recordand6 Home Record18 and7 Away Record13 and12 Last Ten Recordand4 Win Streak 2Losses
6Philadelphia 76ers Wins31 Losses20 Win Percentage.608 Games Behind12.0 Conference Record21 and13 Division Recordand4 Home Record22 and2 Away Recordand18 Last Ten Recordand4 Win Streak 3Losses
7Brooklyn Nets Wins22 Losses27 Win Percentage.449 Games Behind20.0 Conference Record15 and15 Division Recordand7 Home Record14 and12 Away Recordand15 Last Ten Recordand6 Win Streak 1Wins
8Orlando Magic Wins22 Losses28 Win Percentage.440 Games Behind20.5 Conference Record15 and14 Division Recordand4 Home Record13 and12 Away Recordand16 Last Ten Recordand7 Win Streak 1Wins
9Chicago Bulls Wins19 Losses33 Win Percentage.365 Games Behind24.5 Conference Record13 and22 Division Recordand8 Home Record11 and15 Away Recordand18 Last Ten Recordand6 Win Streak 3Losses
10Washington Wizards Wins17 Losses32 Win Percentage.347 Games Behind25.0 Conference Record12 and19 Division Recordand8 Home Record11 and12 Away Recordand20 Last Ten Recordand6 Win Streak 1Losses
11Detroit Pistons Wins18 Losses34 Win Percentage.346 Games Behind25.5 Conference Record12 and25 Division Recordand9 Home Record10 and17 Away Recordand17 Last Ten Recordand7 Win Streak 1Losses
12Charlotte Hornets Wins16 Losses34 Win Percentage.320 Games Behind26.5 Conference Record11 and20 Division Recordand6 Home Recordand16 Away Recordand18 Last Ten Recordand9 Win Streak 3Losses
13New York Knicks Wins15 Losses36 Win Percentage.294 Games Behind28.0 Conference Record10 and22 Division Recordand10 Home Recordand18 Away Recordand18 Last Ten Recordand6 Win Streak 2Wins
14Cleveland Cavaliers Wins13 Losses38 Win Percentage.255 Games Behind30.0 Conference Recordand28 Division Recordand8 Home Recordand21 Away Recordand17 Last Ten Recordand9 Win Streak 4Losses
15Atlanta Hawks Wins13 Losses38 Win Percentage.255 Games Behind30.0 Conference Recordand25 Division Recordand4 Home Recordand17 Away Recordand21 Last Ten Recordand6 Win Streak 2Losses


1Los Angeles Lakers Wins37 Losses11 Win Percentage.771 Games Behind Conference Record24 and5 Division Recordand2 Home Record16 and6 Away Record21 and5 Last Ten Recordand4 Win Streak 1Wins
2LA Clippers Wins35 Losses15 Win Percentage.700 Games Behind3.0 Conference Record21 and11 Division Recordand2 Home Record21 and5 Away Record14 and10 Last Ten Recordand2 Win Streak 2Wins
3Denver Nuggets Wins34 Losses16 Win Percentage.680 Games Behind4.0 Conference Record21 and8 Division Recordand0 Home Record19 and6 Away Record15 and10 Last Ten Recordand4 Win Streak 1Losses
4Utah Jazz Wins32 Losses17 Win Percentage.653 Games Behind5.5 Conference Record18 and12 Division Recordand4 Home Record18 and4 Away Record14 and13 Last Ten Recordand5 Win Streak 4Losses
5Houston Rockets Wins31 Losses18 Win Percentage.633 Games Behind6.5 Conference Record20 and14 Division Recordand4 Home Record17 and7 Away Record14 and11 Last Ten Recordand5 Win Streak 2Wins
6Dallas Mavericks Wins31 Losses19 Win Percentage.620 Games Behind7.0 Conference Record18 and12 Division Recordand1 Home Record14 and12 Away Record17 and7 Last Ten Recordand4 Win Streak 2Wins
7Oklahoma City Thunder Wins30 Losses20 Win Percentage.600 Games Behind8.0 Conference Record21 and13 Division Recordand4 Home Record15 and10 Away Record15 and10 Last Ten Recordand3 Win Streak 2Wins
8Memphis Grizzlies Wins25 Losses25 Win Percentage.500 Games Behind13.0 Conference Record16 and16 Division Recordand5 Home Record15 and13 Away Record10 and12 Last Ten Recordand3 Win Streak 1Wins
9Portland Trail Blazers Wins23 Losses27 Win Percentage.460 Games Behind15.0 Conference Record14 and19 Division Recordand6 Home Record13 and11 Away Record10 and16 Last Ten Recordand3 Win Streak 4Wins
10San Antonio Spurs Wins22 Losses27 Win Percentage.449 Games Behind15.5 Conference Record12 and15 Division Recordand5 Home Record14 and12 Away Recordand15 Last Ten Recordand5 Win Streak 1Losses
11New Orleans Pelicans Wins20 Losses30 Win Percentage.400 Games Behind18.0 Conference Record13 and20 Division Recordand7 Home Record10 and15 Away Record10 and15 Last Ten Recordand4 Win Streak 1Losses
12Phoenix Suns Wins20 Losses30 Win Percentage.400 Games Behind18.0 Conference Record11 and22 Division Recordand6 Home Recordand17 Away Record11 and13 Last Ten Recordand6 Win Streak 3Losses
13Sacramento Kings Wins19 Losses31 Win Percentage.380 Games Behind19.0 Conference Record14 and18 Division Recordand5 Home Recordand15 Away Record10 and16 Last Ten Recordand6 Win Streak 1Wins
14Minnesota Timberwolves Wins15 Losses34 Win Percentage.306 Games Behind22.5 Conference Recordand25 Division Recordand9 Home Recordand18 Away Recordand16 Last Ten Recordand10 Win Streak 12Losses
15Golden State Warriors Wins12 Losses39 Win Percentage.235 Games Behind26.5 Conference Recordand27 Division Recordand6 Home Recordand17 Away Recordand22 Last Ten Recordand7 Win Streak 2Wins