Valanciunas, Sabonis dominate in wins

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Antonis Stroggylakis

01/Mar/20 09:35

The two Lithuanian big men produced the lot for their teams.

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The Los Angeles Lakers were riding on a record of seven straight victories before facing Memphis Grizzlies and Jonas Valanciunas. The Lithuanian center registered a strong double-double performance of 22 points and 20 rebounds to help Memphis win 105 – 88 against Lebron and co.

Valanciunas shot 10/15 from the field and had zero turnovers in the 31 minutes he stayed on the floor. Lebron James talked about him as well in his post-game comments.

“They just played a great game. Shot the ball extremely well from the perimeter,” James said, per AP. “Ja made four 3s. Dillon was really good all game and Valanciunas, I think he had like 50 rebounds the last two games. They just played a really good game and kept us at bay.”

Meanwhile, in Ohio, Valanciunas’ Lithuanian national team frontline mate was doing his thing as well. Domantas Sabonis flirted with the triple-double by posting 18 points, 13 rebounds and nine assists as the Indiana Pacers beat the Cleveland Cavaliers 113 – 104.

Cedi Osman finished with eight points in 22 minutes for the Cavs.

Goran Dragic scored 19 points and dished out 10 assists to push the Miami Heat to a 116 – 113 win over the Brooklyn Nets. The Slovenian guard also hit a key basket that put his team up 114 – 110 with 13 to play.

“Tonight was a little bit shaky but we are happy with the win, especially with how we defended on the last possession,” Dragic said, per AP.

Timothe Luwawu-Cabarrot and Rodions Kurucs scored three and two points respectively off the bench for Brooklyn.

With three seconds left in the game between Orlando Magic and the San Antonio Spurs, Evan Fournier had the chance to score a potential game-winner when he drove to the basket for the layup. The French wing was off target and the Spurs won 114 – 113.

.”It’s a layup,” Fournier said, per AP. “It’s a damn layup. There’s no excuse.” He finished with 23 points, five assists and four steals while Nikola Vucevic had 16 points and nine rebounds.

For the Spurs, Marco Belinelli dropped two points.

The rest of Saturday’s (29/2) results and Euro-scorers:

Chicago BullsNew York Knicks 125 – 115 (Tomas Satoransky 6 points/7 assists, Frank Ntilikina 4 points)

Atlanta HawksPortland Trail Blazers 129 – 117 (Mario Hezonja 8 points)

Boston CelticsHouston Rockets 110 – 11 (Daniel Theis 8 points/15 rebounds)

Phoenix SunsGolden State Warriors 90 – 115 (Elie Okobo 14 points/7 rebounds/5 assists, Dario Saric 11 points/9rebounds, Ricky Rubio 6 points/8 assists)

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1First PlaceMilwaukee BucksClinched Playoff Berth Wins51 Losses8 Win Percentage.864 Games Behind Conference Record32 and4 Division Record12 and1 Home Record27 and3 Away Record24 and5 Last Ten Recordand1 Win Streak 5Wins
2Second PlaceToronto Raptors Wins42 Losses17 Win Percentage.712 Games Behind9.0 Conference Record30 and10 Division Recordand4 Home Record23 and9 Away Record19 and8 Last Ten Recordand3 Win Streak 2Losses
3Third PlaceBoston Celtics Wins41 Losses18 Win Percentage.695 Games Behind10.0 Conference Record25 and9 Division Recordand5 Home Record23 and6 Away Record18 and12 Last Ten Recordand3 Win Streak 1Losses
44th PlaceMiami Heat Wins38 Losses22 Win Percentage.633 Games Behind13.5 Conference Record25 and9 Division Recordand3 Home Record25 and4 Away Record13 and18 Last Ten Recordand6 Win Streak 2Wins
55th PlacePhiladelphia 76ers Wins37 Losses23 Win Percentage.617 Games Behind14.5 Conference Record25 and16 Division Record11 and4 Home Record28 and2 Away Recordand21 Last Ten Recordand4 Win Streak 1Wins
66th PlaceIndiana Pacers Wins36 Losses24 Win Percentage.600 Games Behind15.5 Conference Record23 and16 Division Recordand6 Home Record21 and10 Away Record15 and14 Last Ten Recordand5 Win Streak 3Wins
77th PlaceOrlando Magic Wins27 Losses33 Win Percentage.450 Games Behind24.5 Conference Record19 and17 Division Recordand4 Home Record16 and14 Away Record11 and19 Last Ten Recordand5 Win Streak 1Losses
88th PlaceBrooklyn Nets Wins26 Losses33 Win Percentage.441 Games Behind25.0 Conference Record18 and21 Division Recordand9 Home Record16 and13 Away Record10 and20 Last Ten Recordand6 Win Streak 4Losses
99th PlaceWashington Wizards Wins21 Losses37 Win Percentage.362 Games Behind29.5 Conference Record15 and22 Division Recordand8 Home Record14 and15 Away Recordand22 Last Ten Recordand6 Win Streak 1Losses
1010th PlaceCharlotte Hornets Wins21 Losses38 Win Percentage.356 Games Behind30.0 Conference Record15 and22 Division Recordand6 Home Recordand18 Away Record12 and20 Last Ten Recordand5 Win Streak 2Wins
1111th PlaceChicago Bulls Wins20 Losses40 Win Percentage.333 Games Behind31.5 Conference Record14 and26 Division Recordand8 Home Record12 and19 Away Recordand21 Last Ten Recordand9 Win Streak 2Losses
1212th PlaceDetroit Pistons Wins20 Losses41 Win Percentage.328 Games Behind32.0 Conference Record12 and29 Division Recordand10 Home Record11 and20 Away Recordand21 Last Ten Recordand8 Win Streak 1Wins
1313th PlaceAtlanta Hawks Wins19 Losses43 Win Percentage.306 Games Behind33.5 Conference Record10 and30 Division Recordand6 Home Record13 and18 Away Recordand25 Last Ten Recordand5 Win Streak 2Wins
1414th PlaceNew York Knicks Wins18 Losses42 Win Percentage.300 Games Behind33.5 Conference Record13 and27 Division Recordand11 Home Recordand20 Away Recordand22 Last Ten Recordand6 Win Streak 1Wins
1515th PlaceCleveland Cavaliers Wins17 Losses43 Win Percentage.283 Games Behind34.5 Conference Record12 and30 Division Recordand9 Home Recordand23 Away Recordand20 Last Ten Recordand6 Win Streak 2Losses


1First PlaceLos Angeles Lakers Wins45 Losses13 Win Percentage.776 Games Behind Conference Record31 and7 Division Recordand2 Home Record21 and7 Away Record24 and6 Last Ten Recordand2 Win Streak 1Losses
2Second PlaceDenver Nuggets Wins40 Losses19 Win Percentage.678 Games Behind5.5 Conference Record26 and11 Division Record10 and1 Home Record23 and7 Away Record17 and12 Last Ten Recordand4 Win Streak 1Losses
3Third PlaceLA Clippers Wins40 Losses19 Win Percentage.678 Games Behind5.5 Conference Record24 and13 Division Recordand3 Home Record24 and6 Away Record16 and13 Last Ten Recordand4 Win Streak 3Wins
44th PlaceHouston Rockets Wins39 Losses20 Win Percentage.661 Games Behind6.5 Conference Record24 and16 Division Recordand4 Home Record21 and8 Away Record18 and12 Last Ten Recordand2 Win Streak 6Wins
55th PlaceUtah Jazz Wins37 Losses22 Win Percentage.627 Games Behind8.5 Conference Record21 and16 Division Recordand5 Home Record21 and9 Away Record16 and13 Last Ten Recordand5 Win Streak 1Wins
66th PlaceOklahoma City Thunder Wins37 Losses23 Win Percentage.617 Games Behind9.0 Conference Record25 and14 Division Recordand4 Home Record20 and12 Away Record17 and11 Last Ten Recordand3 Win Streak 1Losses
77th PlaceDallas Mavericks Wins36 Losses24 Win Percentage.600 Games Behind10.0 Conference Record21 and14 Division Recordand2 Home Record16 and14 Away Record20 and10 Last Ten Recordand5 Win Streak 1Losses
88th PlaceMemphis Grizzlies Wins29 Losses31 Win Percentage.483 Games Behind17.0 Conference Record19 and21 Division Recordand6 Home Record17 and14 Away Record12 and17 Last Ten Recordand6 Win Streak 1Wins
99th PlaceNew Orleans Pelicans Wins26 Losses33 Win Percentage.441 Games Behind19.5 Conference Record16 and22 Division Recordand7 Home Record12 and17 Away Record14 and16 Last Ten Recordand4 Win Streak 1Wins
1010th PlaceSan Antonio Spurs Wins25 Losses33 Win Percentage.431 Games Behind20.0 Conference Record14 and21 Division Recordand6 Home Record15 and13 Away Record10 and20 Last Ten Recordand7 Win Streak 1Wins
1111th PlacePortland Trail Blazers Wins26 Losses35 Win Percentage.426 Games Behind20.5 Conference Record15 and24 Division Recordand8 Home Record16 and13 Away Record10 and22 Last Ten Recordand7 Win Streak 3Losses
1212th PlaceSacramento Kings Wins25 Losses34 Win Percentage.424 Games Behind20.5 Conference Record19 and20 Division Recordand5 Home Record12 and15 Away Record13 and19 Last Ten Recordand3 Win Streak 1Wins
1313th PlacePhoenix Suns Wins24 Losses37 Win Percentage.393 Games Behind22.5 Conference Record14 and26 Division Recordand9 Home Record11 and21 Away Record13 and16 Last Ten Recordand6 Win Streak 3Losses
1414th PlaceMinnesota Timberwolves Wins17 Losses41 Win Percentage.293 Games Behind28.0 Conference Recordand27 Division Recordand10 Home Recordand21 Away Record10 and20 Last Ten Recordand8 Win Streak 1Losses
1515th PlaceGolden State Warriors Wins13 Losses47 Win Percentage.217 Games Behind33.0 Conference Recordand33 Division Recordand10 Home Recordand23 Away Recordand24 Last Ten Recordand8 Win Streak 1Wins