Lonzo Ball won’t re-sign with the Lakers unless LaMelo and LiAngelo join him

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Alex Madrid

12/Feb/18 19:40


Lavar Ball intervenes on Lonzo Ball’s future as a Laker.

By Eurohoops team/ info@eurohoops.net

LaVar Ball has said numerous times that he wants to see his three sons playing together with the L.A. Lakers. That’s his goal and dream.

But what if the Lakers aren’t really keen on signing…let’s say LiAngelo, for a start?

Lonzo might leave L.A., according to Ball senior, and proceed to explore options in teams that will be willing to accommodate all three brothers. Lonzo, LiAngelo, and LaMelo. No way around it.

Here’s what Lavar said on the matter, per Lithuanian journalist Donatas Urbonas:

“I want all my three boys to play for the Lakers. But if that does not happen, I’m telling you the story what’s gonna happen first. If they don’t take Gelo this year, I bring Gelo here to play with Melo for two years. Lonzo will be on his third year and I want let ever NBA team know that Lonzo is not going to resign (sic) with the Lakers but will go to any team that will take all of my three boys. That’s my plan. 

Lonzo plays best when he is with his brother. Why wouldn’t—he is a hell of a shooter. They don’t play the same position. You see how successful he was when he was with his brother?”

Here’s the full interview with Lavar Ball.