Kenny Anderson on Drazen: “A special guy. A legend”

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Alex Madrid

26/Feb/18 21:55

Kenny Anderson talked about his former teammate, the great Drazen Petrovic.

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In light of the Brooklyn Nets honoring Drazen Petrovic’s memory in tonight’s (26/2) game vs. the Chicago Bulls,  The New York Post asked  Kenny Aderson about his former teammate.

This guy was special. He wanted to perform. He wanted to be one of the greats. He was like a god over there [Croatia]. He came here and people didn’t really pay him [any] mind. It was a great fit for me, young guys. … At the point-guard position, you need a great shooting two-guard. It brings you so much joy. He made my job a lot easier”, Anderson said.

We’d talk all the time. He had something to prove. Being an icon in Croatia, and then coming to the U.S., not getting time to play and then getting traded, he always felt he had something to prove. You file stuff like that away and you use it for motivation every time you step out on the court”, he added.

Anderson absolutely praised Petrovic’s work ethic and professionalism.

They had a ceremony in the city [with] all the Croatians. It was great playing with him. He was quiet, an extremely hard worker, the first one at practice, the last one to go, dripping sweat. I got my professionalism from him. I’d be getting myself together in the locker room and he’s [already] out there sweating. He was one of the first guys I’d seen come to work early, leave late. He’s a legend.

In today’s publication, the New York Post included a two-page feature for the one and only Drazen Petrovic and the tribute planned by the Brooklyn Nets.

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