Krunoslav Simon: I have a feeling that the Turkish League will continue

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Antonis Stroggylakis

20/Apr/20 18:25

The season in Turkey will most likely restart at some point, Krunoslav Simon believes.

By Eurohoops team /

Krunoslav Simon is among the foreign players of Anadolu Efes who chose to stay in Istanbul during the hiatus caused by the coronavirus pandemic. The Croatian swingman is practicing individually in the team’s gym, in waiting for the potential resumption of the Turkish BSL League season.

“Every day some new information comes to me and, according to what I get from this, I have a feeling that the Turkish League will continue because there’s a lot of interest in it. Even if some foreign players who went to the U.S. don’t return. Although, the question is what it will all look like. There are a lot of question marks,” Simon said in an interview with Sportske Novosti.

BSL was the last basketball championship in Europe to shut down amid the Covid-19 outbreak.

“We have ten foreign players. Currently, there are five foreign players in Istanbul and five have left. A meeting has been announced for the future of the Turkish League, but it seems to me that it’s going in the direction of playing,” Simon added.

Efes general manager Alper Yilmaz has mentioned that the revenue loss due to the suspension of play will likely bring a budget reduction for 2019-2020. Simon believes he’ll remain with the team.

“I have an option for the next season. And as far as I understand, there’s a chance that I will stay because Efes doesn’t want to change the roster much anyway. We now have ten foreign players. Some were down with injuries like Moerman at the beginning of the season and later Dunston. There’s some plan to cut the number of foreign players and go with seven, eight in the next season.