Vasilije Micic: “If we keep the core… I think we have a special team”

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Bojan Brezovac

17/Jun/23 20:39
vasilije micic anadolu efes fenerbahçe

Vasilije Micic spoke after winning the Turkish Championship title and implied that his future may be in Efes

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Vasilije Micic after winning the championship in the Turkish BSL implied that he may not be heading to the NBA after all.

Micic, who is now represented in the US by Wasserman and his NBA rights belong to the Oklahoma City Thunder, spoke about the season that ended and also about his possible future with Anadolu Efes.

While this may not mean something, Micic practically said that he is eager for another run to the EuroLeague title: “I don’t think we had a very unsuccessful season in the EuroLeague. There was a new situation for us too. Shane Larkin was injured and absent for a long time. Shane Larkin was my favorite teammate. Krunoslav Simon was not there, and I missed him very much. “We played well lately, we found a good rhythm, but it wasn’t enough for the playoffs. We were humble, that is, we did not take the results personally. Finally, we finished the season well. If we protect the core for the next season too… I think we have a special team, special individuals. We are a good team. I don’t think we failed this season. I think we have a lot to learn about each other.”

It has to be noted that Micic has already a contract for next season with Efes, however, it includes an NBA out and for the past two summers, there has always been talk about him making the jump to the NBA.

With coach Ergin Ataman leaving, Micic talked also about a five-year cycle of the team which is closing after winning among other achievements back-to-back EuroLeague titles: “I feel very happy. I am happy for my team. We’ve been here for five years and it’s a very long period when you look at it. The core of the team has been together for 5 years. Coach, medical team, everyone… First of all, I want to congratulate them. For what they did for us and for me. Congratulations to Pınar Karşıyaka. They had a great season. Very dangerous opponents. It was not easy to win a difficult team in the Turkish League. Winning a championship is great”.

On a personal note, he admitted that his season had ups and downs and he made a special mention about the marquee newcomer of last summer, Will Clyburn: “First of all, I played 2 disastrous matches against Fenerbahçe, not just one. When I play a bad game, I try not to stay in the moment. There is always a new chance and I think I am committed to basketball. My teammates also know how hard I work. I especially want to congratulate Will Clyburn. I was so scared when he got injured in the last game. I had the same injury. I’m also very happy that Clyburn is doing well”.