A gifted rose brought luck to Lucky Jones

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Aris Barkas

17/Jan/18 14:09


The Basketball Champions League game of PAOK against Chalon started with an unexpected gesture.

By Stathis Trapezanlidis/ info@eurohoops.net

PAOK beat Chalon and Lucky Jones finished the game with an efficiency rating of 30 (22 points, 9 boards and 4 assists), but he stole the show with a rose.

Before the game, Jones decided to apologize to photographer Leoni Stamatopoulou by giving her a red rose. Jones accidentally hit her while she was working court-side in the previous Greek league game against Panionios.

Stamatopoulou was pleasantly surprised by the gesture, as she explained to the local radio station Arena 89,4 in Thessaloniki.

“Jones fell on me when he was trying to save a lost ball. My body fell to the ground and I hit my head. I didn’t understand exactly what happened. I was carried by other players to the bench and I received three stitches in the head. I also suffered a cut on my lip”, explained Stamatopoulou.

The next chapter of the story is much better, as Stamatopoulou said: “I didn’t expect that kind of gesture to tell you the truth. It was great. I was worried more about Jones. When I have seen his fall on tape, I understood how hard he fell. We talked a little bit before the Champions League game. I asked him if he was ok. What happened with the rose was an unusual image for Greek sports”.