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Tripl3 Shot’s basketball transfotmation in Thessaloniki for DEI 3×3 POWER TO THE HOOD by Eurohoops

The event of DEI, the Greek public power company, and Eurohoops turned a school yard in Thessaloniki into a basketball arena

DEI 3×3 POWER TO THE HOOD by Eurohoops travels to the neighborhoods of Athens and Thessaloniki aiming to encourage sports and help spread the 3×3, the popular, fast, and dynamic game that started from the streets and found its way to the Olympics.

Through Eurohoops’ collaboration with Tripl3 Shot, DEI 3×3 POWER TO THE HOOD by Eurohoops transforms for a few hours neighborhoods of the two largest cities of Greece into special basketball destinations. Tripl3 Shot is a Spanish-based manufacturer and distributor of unique and innovative products dedicated to integrating new technologies into basketball.

In the first DEI 3×3 POWER TO THE HOOD by Eurohoops events in Athens, parks, squares, and even parking lots were “transformed” thanks to the Tripl3 Shot courts. At the first stop of the event in Thessaloniki, it was the turn of a schoolyard to be transformed into a high-level 3×3 court.


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