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Dr. Dish gives you the ultimate motivation for training

Train for the next match, for the next game-winner three-pointer, for the next trophy!

By Mirto Tsitsiou /

Dr.Dish is always trying to inspire players and coaches of all ages and levels to become better!

The pandemic has created widespread uncertainty throughout the sporting world. Even now that sporting action has fully resumed, you can’t be sure of what will happen in the immediate future.

Whatever your next basketball challenge is, however, you must be prepared to face it regardless of the conditions.

Shooting Machines have been a great tool for hundreds of athletes around the world to train themselves at a high level due to the Covid-19 restrictions. But Dr.Dish, even if you don’t have the equipment, is releasing a 7-day virtual skills program that you can take especially this holiday season to get in shape.

Download the program here!

Learn more about Dr. Dish’s Shooting Machines here!

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