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Dr. Dish Shooting Machine vs. No Dish: How many free throws in 10 minutes?

See the real difference between training with a Dr. Dish Shooting Machine and without it!

By Mirto Tsitsiou/

What does personal training with a Dr. Dish Shooting Machine look like how does it look without it?

The following video is fully revealing!

In just 10 minutes with the help of Dr. Dish an athlete can shoot 168 free throws! That means more than 1,000 repetitions in an hour. Without the state-of-the-art Shooting Machine, however, he only gets up to 72 reps on his own.

The Shooting Machine of Dr. Dish, of course, doesn’t just save time. It is the ultimate training solution for progressive coaches and athletes – an all-in-one training mechanism for technical and tactical development, completely digitized.

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